12 Dec 2006

Bump, jump and sway

Last night was like trying to sleep on a theme park ride. Up and down, across and around. Bump, jump and sway. Everything and everyone was moving. The massive waves crashing against my cabin’s porthole look like the inside of a washing machine. This morning’s breakfast was poorly attended, with lots of people lying low in their cabins. I’m feeling good and I’m infinitely grateful. We’re 51° 57’ 00” S and 125° 13’ 00” E and 2215 nautical miles from Davis Station, Antarctica.

Maybe it would be easier to fly to Antarctica?


Grainger said...

Stick with it, Tanya, and keep us up to date! It's awesome reading - I've come back to the office (7.30pm) after a day in Sydney just to find out where you are and what it's like!


Anonymous said...

Go Tanya! Glad the belly is settling... interesting meals are such a social occasion - is it the same when they come up :)
WOW an albatross! huge and amazing - you lucky thing