20 Dec 2006

Touchdown Antarctica

My first step on Antarctica was not quite what I had expected. The landscape around Davis Station looks a bit like the Moon: not much ice, and lots of rock.

In Antarctica, helicopters are like taxis. During summer, the ice melts and is too weak to travel on, so a short flight is the safest way to get to the mainland. By 9:30 am, everyone was hard at work. The ship was bustling with activity as we readied for the fly off.

Could you spend a year away from your family and friends? At the station, we were greeted by the men and women who had been living there for the past year. It was great to meet them and hear about
some of their experiences. But, I suspect that for them, the highlight of our arrival was the delivery of mail and Christmas presents from back home. Imagine the shock of spending 10 months over winter with just 20 people, then all of a sudden having 100 new faces to deal with!

While I’m in Antarctica I will be spending time with the other Antarctic fellows - Wes Dening, Marie Davies from Totally Wild and Vonna, our field guide from the Australian Government Antarctic Division.
Wes was totally excited to be off the boat.

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