23 Dec 2006

Finding my 'land legs'

I felt a bit strange when I woke up this morning after my first night on land after 12 days of rocking and rolling on the Southern Ocean. I guess I have to find my ‘land legs’ again.

'Hurry up and wait'. That‘s the saying down here when you are getting ready to go somewhere and especially so when you are traveling by helicopter.

There’s lots of science research happening around Davis. Today, we flew out to Ace Lake in the Vestfold Hills to interview a team of scientists who are living and working there for the next week. Ricardo, our pilot, said that we should attach ice chains to our boots, because we will be landing in the middle of the frozen lake. I have a mild fear of ice, so that was enough to get my attention!

It was an amazing sight to seeto see Rick and his team from the University of NSW and University of Tasmania hard at work in their ‘lab’ — the frozen surface of a lake!

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