"Brrrr...illiant. Fascinating, fun and frrrrrreezing!"
- Jackie French

"The next best thing to going to Antarctica - it's so cool, you will need mittens to read it!"
- James Bradfield-Moody

This is an extremely fresh and appealing book on a topic of not only Australian but world significance."
- Sydney Morning Herald

"Polar Eyes is not only a very personal journey to the "Unknown Land of the South" diarised by the author as the narrator, but she manages to take every reader with her, as her sense of awe, wonder and curiousity pervades the text, and includes the reader in her experience of this remote and fascinating continent.
- Reading Time Magazine, Children’s Book Council of Australia

The desire to share her experience is clearly evident throughout this fast-paced, layered format, offering stimulating visual variety and interest, coupled with wonderful photography.
- Canberra Times

"The legendary environmentalist, David Suzuki robustly urges that we provide our children with more science to motivate in them a deep concern for our planet.  Polar Eyes while capturing your imagination, will motivate you and your kids to explore our natural world"
- Ocean Geographic

"Polar eyes will motivate kids to explore science by bringing Antarctica into the classroom, or the kitchen at home, with hands-on activities. These vary from the tempting, making an edible Antarctica, to the serious, surviving in a white out. Families can be kept busy building weather stations and mini biospheres, using household objects often thrown out for recycling"
- The Courier Mail

"What's it like to sleep in an igloo? Where do penguins go to dance? Tanya Patrick travelled to the coldest, windiest and driest continent on Earth to find out, and all the answers can be found in her book Polar Eyes. It has amazing pictures, interviews with people who live there, stuff for you to do and heaps more!"
- Australian Geographic, Explorers Magazine
. Presented in an attractive scrapbook style that uses diary entries, the interesting information is extended by anecdotes, hands-on activities, motivating experiments and excellent coloured photographs and drawings that are sure to capture interest. Highly recommended. "
- Department of Education, WA

" The book's facts about Antarctica's ecosystem and its natural value, the visual narrative and suggested activities combine to make a classroom resource that is, quite literally, refreshing."
 - Elizabeth Howes, Parkwatch Magazine

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