14 Dec 2006


After travelling 1306 km, our first iceberg was spotted a bit before 9:00 am today — causing a rush of people and cameras to the decks. I’ve been thinking about why we were all so excited, and I think it’s because drifting icebergs are like messengers from another world. After so many days at sea, with no land in sight, an iceberg is a sure sign that things are about to change.

You may be wondering why some of my posts are delayed by a day or two. While I'm on the Aurora I can only send irregular emails, as all correspondence is sent via an expensive satellite link to the rest of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Hello darling
Just had a look at your blog. Excellent stuff. Keep it up!
Glad to hear the ginger is working.
I'm back at work (at last, you say)
Love ya and ellie says hi
k x