16 Dec 2006

The twilight zone

This morning, I woke up to flickers of white flying past my porthole, a ship dusted with snow and more icebergs on the horizon. There’s always something happening on the ship, so I was out of bed early again after another late night. It hardly gets dark at all now. A good night’s sleep is a struggle, and so is leaving behind the stunning view of twilight and ice on the Southern Ocean.

Another iceberg was spotted overnight, this time about 8 km away and much bigger than the last one. We are recording the size and location of icebergs every three hours now. The information we record will be passed on to scientists at the University of Tasmania. It’s a great excuse to hang out on the bridge — my favourite place on the Aurora. My first shift is at 3:00 am this morning. I had better get to bed!

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