8 Dec 2006

24 hours to go

Glacier glasses and snow goggles - check. Insulated freezer suit and balaclava - check, check. You need a lot of warm clothes and special equipment to survive in Antarctica. Last week I picked up my extra special Antarctic gear from the Australian Antarctic Division in Hobart. Of course I had to test it out! So I headed to the top of Mt Wellington for some cool breezes and a good view to the south.

After being delayed for about a week due to cracks in the ship's fuel tank, the Aurora Australis will finally set sail for Antarctica down the Derwent River tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya, what an exciting adventure! I wish you well and look forward to reading your upcoming blog entries. Niels (Australian Science Teachers Association)

Geoff said...

Hi Tanya,

All the best!

Dan Zwartz from ANU is blogging his research trip to Davis for us as a part of IPY. Maybe you'll meet him on the ship?

We've linked to your blog from Polar Passport.

All the best and I'm VERY jealous!

Questacon Webmaster

jeanette vincent said...

Hi Tanya

All the best I am interested as I am a teacher and this will interest my students too.

Good luck and I will keep in touch

Jeanette Vincent
Teacher (ACT)