4 Dec 2006

Nearly there

Its 11.35pm and 3 sleeps before I leave the dry Canberra summer behind me to board the Aurora Australis bound for Antarctica. I fell in love with Antarctica about 3 years ago through a friend that visited there. Now my dream is laid out before me all over my lounge room floor – packing for a trip to Antarctica is no mean feat!

But I sense that I’m not alone. Perhaps everyone from Voyage 2, even the experienced Antarctic expeditioners, are crossing off lists and trying to shrink down their bags to fit within the 30kg weight limit with a mix of excitement and apprehension right now, just like me.

It’s to be expected - after all, we are journeying to the end of the Earth! Will the ship again be trapped in ice, as its last voyage was? Does a cyclone await us in the furious fifties? Will I see a wandering albatross gliding above the Southern Ocean?

I can’t wait to find out. Over the next week I will be kitted out in the latest Antarctic fashion, undergo survival training and meet my fellow expeditioners who I will get to know well over the next 2 months.

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